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Prize at Inventions of Geneva 2022

XingQ-UP was awarded a prize by one of the biggest three exhibitions in the world, the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2022

MOU Contract With Daekyo Kidsschole

Creple and Kidsschole(Daekyo), one of the top 3 educational companies in Korea, signed a business agreement for new play-learning system.

Selection Of Venture Start-Up Innovation Procurement Products

Selection of venture start-up innovation procurement products.

1,000 National Innovation company

Creple has been selected as one of the 1,000 National Innovation company by the goverment.

Patent Office Award for 2021 Best Inventions

Presented with Patent Office Award of 2021 Best Inventions

Special prize Women's Invention King Expo

Creple was awarded Women's Invention King EXPO in 2021 Special Prize.